Rule the waves


Officially the coolest sport on water, wakesurfing is a thrilling experience where you ride behind the powerboat on a short surfboard and surf the wake.

An adrenaline rush is guaranteed as you fly through the waves without being attached to the boat. There is no better feeling than surfing across the lake with the sun shining down and the music pumping.

Suitable for all ages and abilities, we provide all the kit and full training. Be warned, it’s addictively good fun!


Just as exciting as wakeboarding but a little easier to master, kneeboarding is a fantastic way for beginners to take their first plunge into water sports.

It’s simple to get going. All you do is rest your knees on the padded board, hold on tight and let the boat pull you through the water.

Because your centre of gravity is low you have more balance on the water so you can try out plenty of cool tricks. Up for a double backflip?


Wakeboarding is an awesome sport that can enjoyed by everyone. Think snowboarding, but wetter and way more fun!

Strap a board to your feet and hold on tight as you’re towed along the water. It won’t be long until you build up speed and confidence.

Gliding above the water is a real buzz and once you learn to ride the wake, you’ll be flying high!

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