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360° Watersports

A family run business conveniently located on the banks of Windermere Lake in the heart of the beautiful lake district.  Our aim is to be the number one destination for wakesurfing and charter for memorable days out on the lake, providing a fun packed outing on a top of the range Mastercraft boat, with the most up to date surf system, from wakesurfing to cruising/picnics around the lake.

Lake Windermere has an excellent reputation for Wakesurfing and other waterports, providing an experience that never fails to impress!  We have full public liability insurance and life jackets and wet suits for both adults and children available on request.  We have boat availability 7 days a week between the hours of 10am and 8pm complemented by a highly experienced driver and coach.


Wakesurfing involves a surfer trailing behind a motorboat on a short surfboard that’s about five feet (1.5 meters) long and literally surfing through the boat’s wake without being attached to the boat.

The boats are freighted with extra weight to increase the amount of wake and make the sport more challenging. At times, a wakesurfing boat may have so much extra ballast, it looks as if it may tip over, but these are actually ideal conditions for producing good wake. A boat captain may even ask his passengers to shift to the same side to add extra ballast to that area.

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